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Bosch Continues To Be A 3-Year Warranty


Bosch 3 year warranty procedures and how to come together let's look at.

Bosch has been offering a three-year warranty for its professional series of blue machines for a long time. But as soon as I get it, there's no 3 years warranty. You need to do some transactions and we will try to explain them in this article.

How to make a 3 year warranty from Bosch?

You need to buy a machine from a Bosch dealer :) after your purchase has finished, your machine and your invoice with the right computer has started for 14 days.

Bosch warranty extension procedures are not carried out by dealers. The reason is that Bosch wants to record users, so dealers do not have such authority. You already need to create a profile for yourself on the registration page.

We mentioned above between the words, but let's specify exactly your registration process machine 14 days you have to do it inside. Otherwise, you will not be able to register and Standard Warranty procedures will be applied.

When you enter the relevant warranty period extension page, you will be asked for an e-mail and password. With this e-mail address, you become a member of the system and fill in the relevant profile information (such as sector, company/ person company you are working with). After you complete this information, Your profile registration is complete.

Now it's time to register the machine,

You can register unlimited number of machines in the profile you have registered with. The information requested from you for registration will be as follows.

Order number : (Product code in your invoice or 10 digit number in the label part of the machine)

Product Model :  Your machine name is GBH 2-26 Dre, GSR 12 V-15 such as

Serial number : The number on the back of your machine is the number that changes on each machine. You cannot find this number in any document, it is located in the label part of the product and “serial number” “Serial nr.” “"sr. It is indicated as” number".

After entering this information, your registration process is completed after you have entered the date of purchase and the name of the dealer you have purchased.

You will see a page, the document of the machine you are recording from this page will appear in both “PDF” format and printable.

You can reach this document at any time, documenting that you are guaranteed for 3 years, unless you forget your e-mail address and password you have logged into the system. If your computer is not very good, we recommend that you print the document on paper after registration and do not lose the paper.

Bosch 3 years warranty process is only done on professional-blue series machines, amateur series, green color machines and garden tools are now being done. Registration for both product categories is different from entry pages and you can find links below for entry.

You can go to the 3-year warranty page by clicking here for the Professional Series.

You can go to the 3-year warranty page by clicking here for the amateur series.

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