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Hilti? Is it a Hammer-Drill?


Hilti? Is it a Hammer-Drill?

In our previous articles, the name of the product expressed by the user in the hardware sector, the technical name of the product is different. Although employees in the sector can understand these Terms instantly, it is inevitable for beginners to experience difficulties.

As for the subject mentioned in our title, is hilti or is it a hammer drill?

Hilti is not actually a product we call a brand. How Bosch, Metabo, Hitachi brands have hilti, such as batteries are known for hand tools.

The crusher holes are with SDS-Plus or SDS-max end inputs and are used for concrete drilling and breaking. However, there are also different ways to use batteries, electric and air.

As far as we know, the crusher penetrating product, as mentioned above, is the first machine we use in concrete drilling, and the market is the brand that produces today, because the name of our crusher penetrating device is up to hilti.

When our masters enter the stores, they use the name hammer drill very rarely. In general, hilti is called and accessories in the form of hilti tip, hilti oil products are requested.

The end inputs are SDS-Plus and SDS-max end inputs in the crusher holes.

Breaker Drill Tip Inputs SDS-Plus & SDS-Max

In 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg crusher drilling machines, end input is SDS-plus end input and end input is Sds-Max in 5 kg and above crusher drilling machines. The reason for this distinction is that the introduction part of the SDS-plus end system is thin and is used for lighter and simpler tasks. The entrance of the “SDS-max” end system is thick and is used to drill holes in thick inserts up to 52 mm and for breaking in very thick concrete masses.

The entry of these two end systems is different and cannot be used interchangeably. If you are going to buy a machine for amateur home use, we recommend that you choose “SDS-plus” end-entry machines.

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