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10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Metabo Grinding


We talked about a topic in our previous articles about grinding machine and other machines. When buying professional brands, we have the most important choices, but there are some groups in which professional brands are professionalized.

As we said before;

  • Bosch brand rotary hammer drill
  • It's like joiner's tools on the Makita brand.

Our main products including granite, marble, slate, sandstone, travertine, limestone, sandstone, travertine, and more. Metabo!

So What Makes The Metabo Grinding Machine Different From The Other Brands?

The brand has 4 items that are constantly mentioned;

  1. Maximum productivity
  2. Unique lifespan
  3. Extra security
  4. Best ergonomics

These are the AD-sniffing sentences, the main ones are as follows;


  • Machines between 900 and 1700 watts completely original “Made in Germany”

2 – Auto-Balance System

  • Provides 50% less hand and arm vibration
  • Longer use due to less vibration
  • Sistemin en önemli getirisi ise titreşim otomatik ayarlandığından %40’a yakın taşlama disklerinden tasarruf edersiniz 


3-Metabo Safety Clutch

  • Please! We're talking about the most important feature!
  • Metabo Safety clutch does not roll back when disk is compressed on machines
  • Thus, user injuries are minimally reduced
  • When the disc is compressed, the engine does not stop and continues to operate as the safety clutch is activated !don't get me wrong the engine is running disk stops!
  • Thus, the risk of combustion in the engine is reduced to a minimum
  • And finally, this feature has been available only in metabo since 1966.


4 – Metabo Quick System

  • This feature does not exist on all machines, but if you will buy recommend
  • Quick system provides Keyless accessory exchange and operates flawlessly in all conditions

What to look for in quick system;

  1. Turn off the machine
  2. Press the Red m-quick button while the disc is in place
  3. Loosen the Quick adjustment screw (starts to loosen in half lap)


5-Metabo Powder Protection Cage

Provides long life thanks to dust protection cage.


6 – Metabo Marathon-Motor

Only Metabo-specific engine is a serious appreciation by users. This engine;

  • That he's been bleeding himself for years.
  • Operating at maximum overload capacity, highest power density
  • And provides maximum stability.


7 – Ventilation System

In Metabo machines, there is a very nice ventilation system in places outside the holding area.

No matter how good the ventilation system is, it provides maximum protection to the machine in extreme heat and overload.


8 – Patented Metabo Disc Brake System

The brake system is perhaps a feature some users do not know at all.

However, if you use the camera extensively, this kind of fine detail will be very important to you.

In the metabo brake system, The Working disk stops within 2 seconds.

It's a unique function that can work in the power outage.

However, it should not be forgotten that this feature is not provided in all metabo stone engines.

Therefore, we recommend that you inquire about the availability of this function when purchasing.


9 – Insured grinding coal and switch

All of the metabo brand stone engines are used in the insured coal, which means that the machine has a longer life span.

The switches are divided into two parts in the metabo stone engines.;

  • Locked-out switch
  • Pedal switch

The fact that these switches are available in other brands is not the feature that should be known extra.

10 – Electronic Speed Adjustment Systems

This is the kind of thing, and when you say "genus," it's actually very nice. mentioned in the article, this kind of features are fine detail is not known by many users and is not taken care of.

Metabo Stone Engines;

  • Tacho Constamatic
  • Vario Constamatic
  • The Vario Tacho Constamatic is equipped with 3 types of electronic speed adjustment functions.

These functions vary in each machine. So there is no machine with 3 types.

Now finally, let's look at the details of these features;

Tacho Constamatic (TC) : The speed of the machine is set automatically between the bottom and the top limit. A reasonable load applied to the machine does not decrease the speed of the machine. The speed is reduced only when an overload is applied.

Vario Constamatic (VC) : The speed of the machine is set automatically between the bottom and the top limit. A reasonable load applied to the machine does not decrease the speed of the machine. As a result of excessive load application, speed decreases are experienced.

Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) : The speed of the machine is set automatically between the bottom and the top limit. Even in the most severe operating conditions and the lowest speed choices, the machine's load speed is the same as the idle speed.

We tried to give you detailed information about metabo stoning.

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    6 November 2019 - 21:54


    • hirdavatca

      28 December 2019 - 08:55

      Metabo, kömürsüz motor teknolojisini kullanıyor. Akü ile ilgili kendi geliştirdikleri bir takım farklı teknolojilerde var ancak ne yazık ki pazarlamasını yapamıyorlar.


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